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29Sep 3 Cheap and Affordable On-camera Field Monitors for Photographers and Filmmakers

Field monitor plays an important role in photography and filmmaking.Taking the time to invest in a field monitor is not only wise but is also necessary for any filmmaker regardless of experience level. Having a field monitor at your disposal will allow you to capture stunning images that are not only in-focus but also perfectly […]

24Sep Why MustHD Field Monitor?

1. Low Prices Directly from Factory Supplier Price for dealer can be lower by up to 50% of the retail price so that all our dealers have enough profit room. MustHDis the original factory for most of the products it supplies, eliminating unnecessary costs and delivering the lowest possible prices to dealers worldwide.

17Sep MustHD 5 inch On-camera Field Monitor

There are many advantages of  MustHD 5 inch on camera field monitor, such as excellent menu design; custom preset button, knob-control mechanism, unique sun-hood and battery plate. It could help you get better focus and thus better pictures and videos with DSLR camera!

13Sep How to Get Started the MustHD 7 inch On-camera Field Monitor

[1] Install Sun-Hood Cover to the Field Monitor [2] Open / Close the Sun-Hood Please follow the step sequence to open or close the hood! Open the Sun-Hood                                                   Close the Sun-Hood

05Sep MustHD 7 inch LCD Field Monitor for DSLR Camera

The MustHD 7 inch LCD field monitor is a high-quality production monitor that combines light weight and affordability. 7 inch MustHD Field Monitor for DSLR Camera It also provides intuitive control with 1280 x 800 image quality, 800:1 contrast ratio to keep your images sharp, perfectly framed, and always in focus. It is very easy to use this […]

02Sep The MustHD 5 inch Field Monitor Used with DSLR Camera

The MustHD 5 inch field monitor is an affordable monitor solution that supports HDMI for DSLR camera. There are lots of on-camera monitors on the market, including several famous brands such as SmallHD, Ikan that have cool features to help with lighting, color, and focus, but if you have small budget, MustHD field monitor could […]