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27Aug 5.6″ 1280*800 MustHD Field Monitor with HDMI Input False Color Exposure

    Price: US$280 Main Features: * 5.6″ LCD display, 1280*800 * HDMI input/output * YPbPr * Tally * Focus Assistance * False Color * Exposure * Marker * Pixel to Pixel

20Aug High Resolution and Large Screen MustHD Field Monitor

There are two types of large screen LCD MustHD field monitors, 17 inch and 27 inch. The resolution of 17 inch field monitor is  1920*1080 and 2560×1440 for 27 inch field monitor.  It means you never have to strain your eyes to see any image again. Ideal for armatures as well as professionals who need to view images […]

09Aug Tips on Choosing the Best Monitor for Photograpy

Many photographers often look for one piece of photography equipment-field monitor. We may spend thousands dollars on cameras, lenses and so on, but we often buy a cheap monitor. If you are serious about the images, I would suggest buying a high quality feild monitor. We pay much attention on the camera or lens, ignoring […]

07Aug Field Monitor for DSLR Video

When we shoot a video, we must want to see how the video looks. But there is a problem. How to look at it in a 1:1 viewing environment? In other words, one pixel in the footage file equals one pixel on a screen. It is pretty easy to do when you edit after shooting […]

05Aug MustHD Field Monitor,You Deserve It

Today I will show you the functions of MustHD field monitor so that you can have a better understanding of it. Hope you could not miss it. It has three obvious advantages. The first one is the HDMI input/output with a cable head locker which can avoid accidental disconnections. The second is the sun-hood that […]