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04Jul UM038 LCD Digital Microscope

This UM038 LCD digital microscope is from Musthd.  It is a fantastic product to your scientific researches. The magnification can be up to 1000x. It helps you to see tiny objects easily with the professional microscopic lens.

26Jun Quick Start Guide for LCD Digital Microscope

When you receive our LCD digital microscope, please follow these steps to quick start. Step 1,  open box and unpack the items. Step 2, Install battery. Step 3, Insert MicroSD Card. Step 4, Turn on microscope.

19Jun Jion us on Facebook, Twitter

Musthd is a  our brand for field monitor. We also offer digital microscope, digital magnifier, portable scanner and inspection scanner. In order to share information and offer the best service for you, we create facebook, twitter account. Please join us on facebook, twitter. Facebook: Facebook Twitter:Twitter

18Jun 1.3M 200x USB Digital Microscope Compatible with Windows and Mac

This USB digital microscope can be compatible with windows and Mac. It is a high tech and can be easily used. You can find a unique world through this unit. It is 1.3m up to 2M by interpolation. The magnifications is from 10x to 200x. It can be widely applied in many fields, such as […]

15Jun 3 inches Handheld 500x 5M LCD Digital Microscope

The handheld LCD digital microscope is a good aid for you to do the microscopic observation. It is high quality equipped with professional microscopic lens. You can seethe tiny objects easily by this LCD digital microscope. The magnification could be up to 1000x and measures as small as 0.001mm, which is extremely helpful for your […]