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19Oct Affordable MustHD 5” M501H On-camera Field Monitor with Focus Assistance Peaking Histogram etc

If you need a lightweight and compact monitor for your DSLR and nicely to improve ability to get accurate focus, rather than using the DSLR screen.  MustHD 5 inch M501H field monitor is just fit for your need. It has many features like focus assist peaking, histogram etc and build quality. Great monitor if you […]

21Aug ST Chipset for MustHD Field Monitors

We have been a developer and manufacturer dedicated to field monitor products for many years. Our solution (chipset) is ST, the best one for display products, which is also adopted by SONY and Panasonic monitor. Most of other suppliers use only Amlogic or Novatek, which are only for low-end monitor products. I will show you […]

01Aug MustHD Field Monitor with Canon 5D Mark III

MustHD field monitor can work well with Canon 5D Mark III. We had a full test for it with our monitors. Our monitor has many advantages, like the sun-hood, HDMI locker, three battery plates options powered  and  high quality picture. Our focus assist is simply by adding white lines on the shape in the pictures.  We […]

02Sep The MustHD 5 inch Field Monitor Used with DSLR Camera

The MustHD 5 inch field monitor is an affordable monitor solution that supports HDMI for DSLR camera. There are lots of on-camera monitors on the market, including several famous brands such as SmallHD, Ikan that have cool features to help with lighting, color, and focus, but if you have small budget, MustHD field monitor could […]