MustHD monitor has lots of advantages than others, like the amazing features, the audio/headphone socket, the HDMI in & out, the HDMI clamps, the button/menu design, the compact size, the multi-power/battery options.

Today I will introduce our V-battery plate and Anton battery plate to you. It is a better idea to have a V-battery or Anton battery when you want to shoot for a long time. So you do not need to worry the power and focus on your shooting. It is very easy to install the V-battery plate and Anton battery plate on our monitor that has some designed holes on the back. You only need the screws offered in the package for fixing the battery plate tightly.

                                                  V-battery Plate                                                                                                              

V-Battery plate
V-battery plate 2
V-battery plate - 3
V-battery plate 4

Anton Battery Plate

Anton-Battery Plate
Anton-Battery plate 2
Anton battery plate 3
Anton Battery plate 4