I recently started using the MustHD 7″ M701 LCD on-camera field monitor and happy to report it good features and images at a super good price.

Firstly, I want to say I am just semi-professional(or advanced enthusiast) lever of video making and so I am always heavily balancing cost against reliability and performance to try and hit a sweet-spot. If you need SDI and lots of advanced features and your budget is US$1,500-US$2,500 then your options are pretty wide open, but I was aming at US$300 or less. Any way, I’ve found it MustHD 7″ monitor.

The first hurdle for me has always been resolution. I have been pretty used to seeing high-end 1280×800, mid-range 1024×768 and entry-level 800×480 specifications. M701 high-end 1280×800 definitely caught my eye. And I was very happy to see the supported video formats through the HDMI port up to 1920x1080p—including frame rates of 23.97 up to 60. A very good match for my AC90.

The second hurdle was price. With MustHD priced at US$295 retail. The third hurdle covered features. The M701 has a modest feature list: Aspect ration of Auto, 4:3, 16:9, 16:10, 15:9, 1.85:1, 2.35:1. YPbPr, AV and HDMI signal input(and HDMI output also so you can passthrough the signal to an additional display), headphone jack, brightness/contract/color temp setting, peaking for focus assist, false color and exposure assist, and finally pixel to Pixel mode.

There are a few other features that may be of your interst so check them out. With four user configurable “function key” on the monitor, you can set the features that you use the most to turn off/on with a touch of these buttons. Very convenient.

The fourth hurdle is power. The MustHD M701 offers a range of power options-AC & Battery(Sony F970, Canon LP-E6 and Panasonic D28S).

It is lightweight plastic and good use. Will report back of this reasonably priced LCD field monitor.