Field monitor plays an important role in photography and filmmaking.Taking the time to invest in a field monitor is not only wise but is also necessary for any filmmaker regardless of experience level. Having a field monitor at your disposal will allow you to capture stunning images that are not only in-focus but also perfectly framed without having to squint your eyes and bend into awkward positions. In addition, having a field monitor attached to your DSLR rig will, without a doubt, make you look more professional when showing up to a shoot. Below are 3 of the Best and Cheapest DSLR Field Monitors.

1. MustHD 7-inch Field Monitor (Price Online: About $295.00)

If you’re looking for a superb field monitor then look no further. MustHD has quickly become one of the most popular DSLR field monitor brands in the market among independent filmmakers due to the high quality and small pricetag of each of the items. This 7-inch monitor is perfect for shooting content in various conditions, looks professional, and can be easily mounted to virtually any DSLR camera on the market.

* 7″ LCD display, 1280*800
* HDMI input/output
* YPbPr
* Tally
* Focus Assistance
* False Color
* Exposure
* Marker
* Pixel to Pixel

One of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing a DSLR monitor is, will it be able to perform? Chances are, if you’re an independent filmmaker you don’t have a large amount of money to spend on accessories such as a field monitor. Therefore, the monitor that you end up purchasing must be able to provide the most “bang” for your buck. In terms of performance the MustHD 7-Inch monitor provides that “bang”. When shooting outdoors the monitor has a daylight mode that will change the backlight to compensate for glare and sunlight to allow for clear, easy to see imagery.

In addition, the camera also features an HDMI input which will allow you to feed high definition images from the camera directly into the monitor. No more having to squint your eyes to see whether or not your subject is in focus. The camera also sports a rechargeable battery that lasts approximately 2.5 hours. For long shooting days, I recommend you purchase an additional battery. Where this monitor tends to fall short is that it does not feature advanced RGB controls or the ability to tweak the image perfectly to your liking, but this is not too much of an issue.

2. SmallHD AC7 (Price Online: About $599)

If you happen to have a little more money to spend, I highly recommend you purchase the AC7 from SmallHD. This monitor is made with the sole purpose of filmmaking in mind and combines enough input options to allow for a wide range of connectivity. SmallHD is a company that believes in not only providing customers with a great product, but also going above and beyond by providing excellent customer service and additional software to enhance the abilities of its products. The AC7 comes in two models, the original for $599 and the advanced version with increased resolution and inputs for $1099. The more pricey version is great but is not necessary for the casual filmmaker.

Bright display for daylight shooting
HDMI, Component RCA, and Composite RCA Inputs
Aluminum Skeleton + Rubberized ABS Housing
Included software to provide operators with an amazing experience
The AC7 is one of the most powerful monitors you can purchase for the small pricetag. The monitor is designed after many pro-level field monitors that are being used by Hollywood today. This monitor combines high quality imagery, strong body construction, and and various inputs to create a must buy monitor for independent filmmakers. What really stands out on this monitor is the included software to create an exceptional experience for operators. The software known as Focus Assist Plus will increase resolution, provide a framing guide, and allow Canon and Nikon DSLR’s to fill the screen. Take a look at all the features here.

3. Ikan D5 (Price Online: About $699.00)

The Ikan D5 is a camera that has been creating buzz around the independent film community since its initial release early in 2012. Ikan has designed this monitor to resemble its high profile counterparts in terms of design and connectivity options. The monitor is compatible with various types of cameras ranging from Nikon to Canon to Pentax. When the creators began developing this monitor, they knew what DSLR camera’s were capable of and how filmmakers used them when shooting content. Therefore, this monitor provides essential features for filmmakers.

DSLR Scaling to allow for full screen monitoring
Movable Pixel-to-pixel mapping for focusing on items within the frame
Exposure tools to help capture full exposure
Outlining tools to help focusing on shots
The D5 is a great choice because of the wide variety of options that it provides with DSLR filmmakers specifically in mind. The monitor features an HDMI input and a 3G-SDI input. Each of these inputs allow for an up to 3-gigabyte video and audio signal meaning that you will be able to achieve extremely crisp images. Check this monitor out when you get a chance.