Today I will show you the functions of MustHD field monitor so that you can have a better understanding of it. Hope you could not miss it.

It has three obvious advantages. The first one is the HDMI input/output with a cable head locker which can avoid accidental disconnections.

HMDI input and output with a locker

The second is the sun-hood that can be installed and unfolded or folded easily. Besides, it can act as a screen protector while the field monitor in transit.

sun-hood-field monitor

Let’s take a look at the powerful function of it, such as focus assistance, fit marker, H/V delay, aspect, scan, pixel to pixel, black and white, blue only, false color, exposure, zoom and so on.

1.Focus Assistance

focus assistance-field monitor


2.Fit Marker

Fit marker-field monitor


3.H/V Delay

H V Delay-field monitor4.Aspect

Aspect-field monitor



Scan-field monitor6.Pixel to Pixel

Pixel to Pixel-field monitor7.Black and White

Black and white-field monitor8.Blue only

blue only-field monitor9.False Color

false color-field monitor10.Exposure

Exposure-field monitor


zoom-field monitor


MustHD Field Monitor, You Deserve it.