Must-to-have High Definition On-camera Field Monitors for You!

08Dec MustHD M700F 7″ FPV Monitor

The MustHD 7” M700F FPV Monitor with 5.8 GHz Wireless Receiver is designed for you to view the wireless AV feed from your RC aircraft mounted camera. The screen won’t go blue or black when the signal gets weak; you’ll still see a little “snow” and be able to see parts of your image rather than a complete loss.

MustHD M700F FPV Field Monitor

MustHD M700F FPV Field Monitor


MustHD M700F FPV Monitor

05Dec Enjoy your shooting with MustHD M701H

The MustHD M701H is an on-camera studio monitor offering high image quality  and advanced features in compact build. Set up and monitor your shots in 1280 x 800 high resolution and sharp 800:1 contrast ratio. Enjoy your shooting with MustHD M701H.


25Nov Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Happy Thanksgiving Day! Thanks for your support. Hope you have good times with your family and friends.

Thanksgiving Day

18Nov Why Do I Need A Field Monitor?

An external field monitor is a crucial piece of gear to allow you to observe whether your shot is out of frame or focus or not.

We most often attach our monitor directly to the camera or camera rig, and sometimes we’ll attach it to a light stand as a stand-alone monitor for clients to view.

When shooting high-perspective shots above crowds, it can be difficult or sometimes impossible to see our camera’s screen, so an external field monitor can potentially be the only option for framing a shot. We also regularly use jibs, sliders and stabilizers that require the use of an external monitor to direct camera movement.

MustHD M601H Field Monitor


13Nov Can I View Focus Peaking from MustHD Monitor?

All MustHD monitors have the feature focus peaking to help you get accurate focus now. It helps you easily find out the exact area in the picture with good focus by adding sharp red lines on the shape or boundaries of the object in the picture. For example, the focus peaking activated on M501H.

M501H - Focus Peaking

If you have questions about MustHD monitors, please feel free to let us know.

You can visit MustHD FAQ for help. or contact  customer service by livechat or leaving a message online. We will reply you in 24 hours.

06Nov MustHD 7” M701S 3G-SDI & HDMI On-camera Field Monitor

The M701S has a IPS panel with resolution of 1280×800 and contrast ratio of 800:1. A selection of advanced monitoring features is available to help you properly expose and focus your shots. Features include focus peaking, false color, and histogram display. Function buttons on the front of the panel can be programmed for shortcut access to the features that you use most.

M701S SDI Monitor